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Archiving in Progress

Welcome to the Sometimes Weekly Publishing Company Archives. The archiving process is currently in progress.

Currently live: Nick Butler Personal Archives > Higher Education Papers

Sometimes Weekly Archives

This section contains an archive of Sometimes Weekly-related documents, papers, and so on. Archives (2015-present)

Archiving in Progress Archives (2009-present)

Archiving in Progress

Sometimes Weekly, LLC Corporate Documents (2023-present)

Archiving in Progress

Nick Butler Personal Archives

This section contains an archive of Nick Butler’s documents, papers, photographs, and so on.

Archiving in Progress.

Life (1993 – Present)
Higher Education Papers (2011-2023)

In this section of the archives, you’ll find academic papers written by Nick Butler from 2011 through 2023. Please note that these papers have not been reviewed or edited prior to the archiving process. In most cases, they represent the final paper.

University at Albany (Bachelor of Arts, 2011 – 2015; Master of Science, 2015 – 2017)


October 2011 – President John F. Kennedy’s Response to Evidence of Soviet Missiles in Cuba

November 2011 – Memes and My Political Life

December 2011 – The Successes and Failures of U.S. Policy Concerning Iraq


April 2012 – Communication Breakdown: The Failures of the Bay of Pigs Invasion

October 2012 – Democracy in Iraq

October 2012 – Media and Government

October 2012 – Analysis of Voter Trends (2008 to 2012)

October 2012 – Analysis of the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate

October 2012 – The Vice Presidential Debate (Biden vs Ryan)

November 2012 – 2012 Presidential Election: An Analysis

November 2012 – Analysis of Voting Trends in the 2000 Presidential Election

December 2012 – Stephen Colbert’s Impact on American Politics

December 2012 – Functioning of Government and Freedom of the Press

December 2012 – Most Pressing Problem in Media Today


May 2013 – Same-Sex Marriage and Public Opinion

November 2013 – Foreign Policy Paper #1

December 2013 – National Security Agency and Surveillance in the United States

December 2013 – American Foreign Policy


February 2014 – An Open Letter to Max Weber from Ron Swanson

March 2014 – Woodrow Wilson Response Paper

March 2014 – Presidential Power: The Growth of the American Presidency

May 2014 – Presidential Power, Congress, and Foreign Policy


March 2015 – Leadership Essay

May 2015 – Campaign Finance Reform in NYS


Archival process pending.


Archival process pending.

University of Dayton (Doctor of Education, 2021 – 2023)


Archiving in Progress


Archiving in Progress


Archiving in Progress

Misc. Documents (1993 – present)

Archiving in Progress

Nicholas Murray Butler Archives (1862 – 1947)

Archiving in Progress

Archives for the Preservation of Satire in Society in Politics

Archiving in Progress