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Crowd gathers outside the Supreme Court after draft opinion circulated that would strike down Roe v. Wade
CNN — May 3, 2022

Nick Butler said people need to recognize “that they have power” to enact change as he urged everyone to consider those “who are going to be targeted” if Roe is struck down.

3 Are Shot Outside Nationals Park in Washington

NY Times — July 17, 2021

Nick Butler, 28, said he had been sitting in the stands beyond center field and had been watching the weather, wondering if the game would be rained out. When he saw fans behind home plate sprinting, he assumed the rain had arrived, but then he noticed that some were ducking and that the players were not in the dugouts.

Mr. Butler said he leapt up from his seat and headed to the center field concourse, looking for an exit, turned a corner and was told by a staff member that he could not leave that way. Then he saw “a stampede of people running in our direction.”

That’s when he realized that “something’s happening here,” he said.

Sen. Al Franken Rejects 2020 Presidential Run (Exclusive)

The Wrap — November 29, 2016

A 23-year-old graduate student named Nick Butler created the Super PAC hours after Hillary Clinton conceded the election. If the idea of a former “SNL” head writer to run our country sounds crazy, consider that the guy from “Celebrity Apprentice” is about to take the job.

“For the first few years in the Senate, he would refuse to make a joke,” Butler told TheWrap. “He showed that he wasn’t a joke.”

Butler, who is studying education policy and leadership at the University of Albany, has never worked with Franken and said he isn’t even accepting money for his Super PAC until it can ramp up efforts to draft Franken.

The campaign to draft Franken will go on, Butler told TheWrap.

“No tactful politician is going to say four years out that they’re running, and the purpose of our movement is to encourage him to run,” Butler said. “Now we’ll just have to try that much harder.”

SA Election-gate: VP candidate allegedly violates election rules and regulations
Albany Student Press — March 12, 2013

An anonymous tip containing photo, video and text evidence of Butler using his office computer was sent to the ASP. The evidence showed Butler using an SA office computer to print his debate notes moments before the election debates.

The photos show Butler’s speech being accessed at 6:21 p.m. on March 6, and an additional screenshot showed the file still being accessed at 6:47 p.m.

The new rebel film trailers
The Guardian — December 17, 2009

“In the case of Cloverfield the trailer started the viral,” says Nick Butler, who runs the site “People watched the trailer over and over to look for clues, because the whole thing was such a mystery. Some people thought it was about terrorism, or maybe it had something to do with Lost [Abrams’s TV series]. The trailer sent people off to check out the associated website, thousands of people did exactly that and the online buzz grew like crazy. Over the next few months, we were sent all over the internet. In the end I saw the film four times, constantly looking for links between it and the trailer.”

‘Alien’ bus-stop ads create a stir

LA Times — June 19, 2009

“The billboards, benches and websites are a great way to advertise movies, because it gets people talking,” explained Nick Butler, editor in chief of, which has been following the film’s promotions for nearly a year. “What we see with ‘District 9’ is a combination of real-life experiences mixed in with game experiences that involve websites and Twitter. It is a very successful viral campaign.”